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Charming Heart and Lung-Bright Moon _ Pai Pai Nove (3rd Jan 23 at 1:00am UTC)
Golden Wind and Jade Dew Pavilion. Look at the name to know the fragrance, "the golden wind and jade dew meet, then win the world countless." Tonight, Buren will be here to put himself on the altar and dedicate himself to the most wonderful thing in the world. The white jade bath with the smell of mint and sweet orange shows a perfect body in the mist. When Lu Pin stepped into Jinfeng Yulu Pavilion, the first thing he appreciated was the rare beauty that translucent white gauze and water mist could not block. Do not pull incomparably elegant slowly take off the white silk satin nightgown that is draped casually on the screen, lazy tie on thin belt. Take down the hairpin that pulls the hair casually again, the casual shake lets the hair be like waterfall to swing to go, silky smooth, black jade is glittering and translucent. At this time, she lazily lifted the white gauze and walked out of the bathroom. The low V-neck brought her perfectly upright chest to the surface, and the high slit made her slender and smooth legs show niftily with the pace. She went to the table, took two cups of daughter red, and walked shyly but firmly to Lu Pin, like a shy little wife on her wedding night. He just sat quietly on the edge of the bed, enjoying her performance and cheering secretly. What he hated most was the inappropriate disturbance of the audience, especially during the live broadcast. Do not pull the wine cup to Lu Pin, and do not touch the skin, the most taboo so-called with the little finger quietly scratch the other side of the palm and other actions, for their own net fish absolutely can not do so, will only make the other side feel dissolute, this is the most taboo for senior goddesses, those actions are already in other people's net fish can do. Lu Pin is a skilled hand,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, do not know how many women's blood are dedicated to him, two people's head slowly close, do not pull to see Lu Pin faint frown, secretly happy, know that the childe is very sensitive to the taste, deliberately took a fragrant bath, always unwilling to let this person first severely take away his virginity. When her face almost stuck to Lu Pin's face, her skin was still pink. I don't know whether it was the air or the man's breath that stimulated her pores. It seemed that she was nervous all over. After drinking the wine,nail manufacturing machine, she felt hot and dry again. A drop of water along the ear root, extremely slow flow to the chest, into the robe, and finally faintly see the crystal on the thigh, not satisfied to see Lu Pin's Adam's apple moved. This move is a very difficult action, from bathing to drinking, we must try to control the balance of water droplets, at the right time to let it stay, the fine control of the route is necessary, otherwise how can we just stay in the plump place, and then just meander out from the thigh. It is a great test for women's delicate and smooth skin. Perhaps some people are because of coincidence, but for the closely trained goddess of Chuanyuelou, this is intentional, and how many people know the sad story behind it. After all, it is the first time, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, no matter how many times I have seen the pig walk, I can not guess the taste of the pig. She just fluttered big eyes, Jiao Han looked at Lu Pin, this damn man is surprisingly good-looking, the first time and experienced him, should not be a loss? And there is no so-called silence, and the master of this is beautiful, Lu Pin never hand in hand to take down the wine glass, gently waved on the wind to the table. Martial arts, used to play cool is really overqualified, but absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. His hand gently stroked her hair, as gentle as stroking a cat, fingers along her hair, gently fiddling, one hand will slowly embrace her into her arms, so that she felt comfortable and could not help humming, squinting to enjoy the service of men. Do you want to know why I chose you over Yingquan? Without looking up, I saw Lu Pin leaning against the bed as if he was enjoying it, half squinting, and touching himself with his hands. Do you know why you don't shoot Yingquan? Lu Pin once again added a hateful sentence. Suddenly let not pull up the helmet and abandon the armor, sit up straight. This has always been a knot in the heart, Xi Da to Ying Quan, strict, Lu Pin performance is too strange, to say that Lu Pin is to avoid the natural fragrance of Ying Quan, why Xi Da and strict to the perfect as immortal Ying Quan are somewhat indifferent, see Xi Da give up everything exquisite Ying Quan and choose to live in the downwind of their own.
"It is said that the customer is God. It seems that it should be said that the customer is deceived. Today I am serving you, a smelly leprechaun." Lu Pin's eyes were full of tender banter, but he did not feel that he saw coldness in it. Who is smelly? It is a pity that it is useless to act like a spoiled child. Under the pressure of Lu Pin's merciless eyes, he stepped into the bath again and wiped away the fragrance he had spent half an afternoon with deodorant powder. Pitifully, the wet hair filled the room with water and stood in front of Lu Pin like a drowned rat. He held his head in a cotton towel and rubbed his hair vigorously. Pain, ah, my hair ~ ~ "Everything is submerged in his movements that do not stop but become more and more intense. I don't know how much my hair, which is usually carefully served, has fallen out today.". Finally, he raised his head, with messy hair and red eyes (no doubt, he was absolutely faking it). He looked like a pitiful and weak beauty in anyone's eyes. He failed to impress Lu Pin. He was directly classified as violent and SM prone. Lu Pin, who has always been a gentle and elegant woman, treats women so gently that he feels deeply that men are two-faced and duplicitous. Kiss me. If the average person says this sentence, it is absolutely weak and begging, or tender and sweet. For Lu Da, who was in a bad mood at this time, it was as if the emperor had given you a great reward. He immediately sealed Lu Pin's lips, fearing that he would finally add, "Give you the highest gift, kiss my right foot." Do not pull the gentle cover of the lips, highly skilled tossing and sucking,Nail machine supplier, in exchange for the "you did not eat?" Doubts. Tears of grievance burst out. At this time, who is not moved by such a battered beauty, only hope that all kinds of love is right.
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