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Jiulongzhang by Shuiboyuan (3rd Jan 23 at 1:11am UTC)
Shu Xin sat down on the edge of the bed to help her. "What do you think? Do you want to drink water?" Before he had finished saying the word "water", Mingzhe's halberd turned the world upside down. At that time, she was fed the medicine and vomited all the time. Shu Xin hurriedly patted Ming Zhe's back and poured water under the bed to rinse her mouth. Ming Zhe Ji vomited this one, but his body was much lighter than before, and the feeling of chest tightness and nausea disappeared a little bit. Shuxin silently wiped the dirt on the ground, washed his hands and returned to bed. Mingzhe Ji looked embarrassed. After a while, he asked, "Can I wear clothes?" Shuxin nodded wildly. "I'll have the clothes brought in." He said this and rushed to the door to call someone. When he heard the noise in the room early in the morning and saw Shu Xin's excited expression, he believed that Ming Zhe's halberd was really awake. Shu Xin took a whole set of clothes, turned his head and handed it to Ming Zhe Ji. "Can you move your hands and feet? Can you wear it yourself?"? Do you need my help? Ming Zhe Ji shook his head with a smile. "I'll do it myself." Although she did not ask him to avoid it, she did not lift the quilt to dress until he turned around. Just experienced that scene just now, and now it's too late to avoid suspicion. Ming Zhe Ji thought so and sighed softly. Her arms had not yet fully recovered their strength, and she struggled to put on her inner clothes. Shu Xin clenched his teeth and waited on one side. After a while, he finally couldn't help but turn around and go back to the bedside. He half forcibly grabbed the clothes in her hand and silently helped her put them on. Ming Zhe Ji felt uncomfortable at first, but he really didn't have the strength to fight, so he just let him go. When she finished dressing, Shuxin dared to look at her. "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" She didn't say she didn't feel it,stainless steel toilet, but when he asked, she really felt empty. Do you have porridge? "I told them to bring it." Shu Xin called someone to prepare food, but when he returned to his room, he saw Ming Zhe Ji holding his head and curled up at the foot of the bed with a painful face, which seemed to be worse than when she just woke up. Shu Xin hurriedly leaned into bed and hugged Ming Zhe's halberd carefully. "Headache?"? Or where is it uncomfortable? She did have a headache, but the reason for her pain was that she remembered what had happened before the coma. She had been afraid to touch her stomach just now,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, but the soreness and pain in her chest reminded her all the time that the child was gone. Haoyu, why am I here? Shuxin was afraid that he would be rejected by her when he held her, but her body, except for the initial stiffness, gave up and leaned on him. It's a long story. Let's wait until you get better, shall we? In fact, when she woke up, she already had a guess about what had happened. Since Shuxin had come, she must have brought her back to Celine. Ming Zhe Ji knew very early that she couldn't stay in Beiqiong. She couldn't stay in Beiqiong any more because of public, private, emotion and reason. She didn't want to be a caged bird who depended on people's nose and looked at people's faces for the rest of her life. Shu Xin secretly hugged Ming Zhe's halberd more tightly. "How can you be so thin? When I'm not around you, don't you eat well?" Mingzhe Ji laughed, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Flush valve price, "you really don't know how I am these days?"? Didn't you send someone around to watch my every move? Surveillance is not a good word, Shu Xin changed his face, holding people's hands also loosened a lot, "since you received my dragon and phoenix bracelet, I gave up." But now I regret that if I had been a little more unwilling, I would have sent someone to follow you, look at you, know that you are a little wronged, and immediately rushed to pick you up. When he said this, she didn't know how to go on. What Mingzhe Ji wanted to ask most was the child, but she didn't have the courage yet. She was afraid to get a bad answer from Shuxin's mouth. After a while, she could only ask, "Ye killed his child. Are you behind it?" Shu Xin was asked a Leng, Ming Zhe Ji against his chest, he was unable to see her expression, after listening to this sentence, especially her body pulled half to see her face, "how can you ask that." Mingzhe Ji shook his head with a half-smile. "Just curious.". Times have changed. You don't have to lie to me anymore. I just want to know the truth.
” Her cold eyes like a sharp knife pierced his heart, his throat was dumb, and when he answered, he became more and more desolate. "I know that I am a duplicitous villain in your heart, a hypocrite who dares not to be a hypocrite. You hate my forbearance, my hypocrisy, and my smiling at everyone. What you used to call liking me is just confused by my appearance." After you fell in love with that person, you saw through it and turned your nose up at me. Text 132 | 11.6 In the memory of Mingzhe Ji, Shu Xin was always deep and restrained, and never said these self-abandoned words in a topsy-turvy way. (Www. MianHua Tang. CC cotton candy novels) The first time she saw him after the reunion, she felt that he was much more haggard, his face was pale, his expression was depressed, his hair was very perfunctory, and there was no former elegance. Now he suddenly complained to her without thinking, which made her at a loss. "I've been struggling with this for a long time. I just want to know the truth. I don't mean to blame you." Shuxin immediately realized that he had lost his temper. He was annoyed and ashamed. "I was delirious and said nonsense. Don't be angry with me." Mingzhe Ji did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Obviously you are angry with me, but how can you say that I am angry with you?" "How dare I be angry with you? I've died several times these days, and now I've got it back. Thank God." The four words "lost and recovered" poked the pain point of Mingzhe Ji, and her expression suddenly became very stiff. Shu Xin quickly explained, "I said lost and recovered, not to force you to stay with me,Prison toilet for sale, as long as you are alive, I will be satisfied." What he said was not very different from what she had guessed. "You thought I was dead before?" Shu Xin was a little surprised when she heard this. Didn't she know she had died once? "Since Ruyue knows nothing about the fake death, it must be your dark guard who arranged everything." 。
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