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Charm all living beings (9th Jan 23 at 2:02am UTC)
More and more white soft and charming little face, immediately let the emperor notice that something was wrong, his hands were busy holding up the blue sky trembling little face, eager to look at the blue sky panic flashing eyes, take a deep breath, suppress the impatience in the heart, soft voice way: "Little blue ~!"! Don't think! What? Forget it! Forget about the past, and I'll take care of you in the future! The soft voice gradually soothed the nervous mind of the blue sky, and gradually gathered the eyes of calm light silently looking at the emperor with a face of love. Emperor. Emperor Heaven.. Blue sky eyes show the color of misery, possessed in the bosom of the emperor, in his stunned eyes, slowly beep up the small mouth, charming voice way: "Kiss me!" "Ah.." Emperor day corner of the mouth a stiff, looking at the blue sky slightly pout delicate and beautiful to drop lips, can not help but swallow saliva, however, the emperor knows that if he kisses small blue, he does not know what will happen below, so … "Hehe.." The emperor gave a dry smile and said in an astringent voice, "Little …" Xiao Lan, in a few days, OK? "No,PET blowing machine, I can't!" The blue sky shook his little head discontentedly, and under the mixed eyes of the emperor, a pair of ruddy and delicate lips clung tightly to his lips. 'Is This torture or enjoyment? ' Unable to completely immerse his mind in that pair of soft and warm lips, the emperor sighed bitterly in his heart and wanted to find something serious in his memory. 'Today, in a very serious office, I am reviewing the documents very carefully. The serious deficit of the mercenary department makes me pay no attention to other things at all. However, I still believe in Lily's vision. So, although these idiots are almost all in a mess, I think some of them are still very good,water filling machine, but the method is not appropriate.. ' With the mood, the emperor's face gradually calmed down. 'So I'm going to meet them. After a while, someone knocked at the door. I was so busy that I was sweating profusely. After answering casually, I just opened the door and looked up. It was a dragon.. ' Emperor Tian's eyes were stunned. He closed his eyes tightly to dispel the memory that could not calm down. Then he thought: 'Today, the weather is very good, the white clouds are very white, the sun is very red, and the sky is very sunny. Really, what am I thinking! '. 'Zhong Shixiu, I really want to take you apart! ' Think of this, the emperor's face actually so relaxed down, very satisfied after squinting eyes, tightly hugged the soft body drilling in his arms, his face showed a calm and relaxed color. Eh? Blue sky nervous trembling eyelids a quiet, gently open eyes, Edible oil filling machine ,CSD filling line, pure and bright eyes show a trace of curiosity. God, there seems to be something here. Driven by curiosity, Blue Sky's little hand went straight into the warm bedding and grabbed a very hard and hot object that was always knocking on his waist. 'what. What! Even if bite back, Zhuoma this little girl's expulsion is too thorough! Could it be. I With a bitter sigh of disbelief in my heart, followed by a shrill scream of anger from the bottom of my heart, the blue sky blinked its big eyes in confusion. Chapter 135 capriciousness? 'What! ' Suddenly, that a soft cool little hand to grasp their own source of life, suddenly the emperor tiger waist a stiff, Leng Leng looked at that one is full of curiosity soft and charming little face, immediately let the emperor full of Xuan Ni feelings fade away. That pair of dignified eyes, let the blue sky blankly blink big eyes, only to see the serious color of the emperor's face, immediately let the blue sky heart under a tight, small hands can not help but use a little strength, busy asked: "Emperor, what's wrong with you?" "Hum!" Grasp the strength, as if by a fierce punch in the abdomen, the emperor breathed, suddenly sat up from the bed, that a pair of blue sky arms exposed veins twisted unceasingly.
"Little.." Xiao Lan, did you take the medicine on time? "Well!" Dry dumb obscure voice, the blue sky is very puzzled to look at the emperor as if to suppress the face of great pain, after nodding blankly, the small face is very seriously pondering what is the hard hot object in her hand, but her heart is very puzzled that she seems to be subconsciously avoiding to continue to ask the emperor. 'Don't You learn what you don't understand? ' The blue sky was very puzzled and murmured in his heart. Doubtful mood seems to extend into the bottom of my heart, blood-red bright eyes seem to see a vast and endless quiet starry sky, dotted with bright blood-red stars, flashing dazzling and cheerful light, strands of delicate silk-like pink silk thread gently around the stars, as if to put a layer of pink gauze on the brilliant blood-red stars. Suddenly, a huge crack opened in the middle of the calm starry sky, and the blood-red and bright eyes were like candles in the wind, dark and uncertain. As if in the ear sounded a sharp sound of cracking, blue sky Xiu eyebrows tightly wrinkled, differential eyelids that a pair of blood-red clear eyes flashing slightly bright black awn, slightly trembling body subconsciously into the arms of the emperor. Small Blue.. Slightly cool little hands used more and more heavy strength, so that the emperor's face was purple, unbearable low call way. However, at this time, the blue sky has been unaware of the outside world, as if the huge crack in the middle of the quiet starry sky in front of us gradually converged into a deep whirlpool of black and shining. Deep whirlpool like a black hole, the edge of the transmission of the tail of the stars flashing black awn, quietly rotating, suddenly, the center of the whirlpool can not be heard of a meal, a touch of white as jade slender hands slowly emerged. The plain hand seemed to be pointing at the whole starry sky, and the slender and white five fingers of the differential pointed at the blood-red and bright stars dotted in the starry sky. Suddenly, the stars scattered a trace of leisurely pink and gathered in the plain white palm that covered the whole starry sky. The brilliant blood-red light of the brilliant blood-colored stars seemed to calm down and gradually converge, while the pink silk thread that continuously converged into the hands of the plain gradually wound into a mass, turning into a gorgeous and unusual rain and fog,Vegetable oil filling machine, and the plain hands were very satisfied, with the slender five fingers of the onion white slightly closed, covering the naughty rolling pink and gorgeous rain and fog. Slowly sank into the deep whirlpool of the hole's black glint.
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