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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night Nor (9th Jan 23 at 2:03am UTC)
Su Feihuan is absolutely clever in front of Shen Yanxiao. As soon as he hears Shen Yanxiao's words, he retreats without saying a word. Only Shen Yanxiao, Lan Fengli and Qi Xia were left in the room. Xiao Feng, I have something I want you to do for me. Shen Yan Xiao looked at Lan Feng Li Dao. 1707. No Chapter 1707 all the people are soldiers (3). "Good." Blue seal glass didn't even ask, just agreed to come down. For the blue seal glass to Shen Yan Xiao's trust and dependence, Qi Xia has been accustomed to, it is no exaggeration to say that even if Shen Yan Xiao let the blue seal glass die, the teenager will not blink the eyes of the self-cut meridians. If say, the world is the most obedient to Shen Yan Xiao, it is estimated that is the blue seal glass. Shen Yanxiao killed people, he helped her kill, Shen Yanxiao set fire, he followed her to set fire, no matter whether the matter is just or not, whether it is right or not, as long as Shen Yanxiao said, the blue seal glass will not have the slightest hesitation and doubt. Absolute force is twenty-four filial piety good brother! Qi Xia looked at the blue seal glass, and thought about the blue dragon family, his cousins, can not help but some depressed. The same is the younger brother, Lan Feng Li can die for Shen Yan Xiao, his family of those,silk olive tree, will give him trouble all day long. Shen Yan Xiao chuckled, blue seal glass decisive, let her moved, more cherish, she is also worried that if one day blue seal glass restored memory, then this period of time, she and his friendship, whether it will disappear? Blue seal glass is the forbidden sorcerer side of the people,faux ficus tree, once he recovers his memory, then he and Shen Yan Xiao will become endless enemies. This is what Shen Yanxiao never wants to see. I want you to go to the Seven Kingdoms and kill the seven elders in the House of Elders of the Seven Kingdoms. Shen Yan Xiao Dao. When do we leave? Blue seal glass without the slightest hesitation and pause, as long as he knows what Shen Yanxiao wants him to do, when to do, it is enough. Shen Yan Xiao can not help but feel some love for his brother, blue seal glass has become an inseparable part of her life. Tomorrow. "I'll get ready." Lan Feng Li immediately said. For the blue seal glass, there is no good and bad, good and evil, the only distinction is that Shen Yanxiao wants to kill, and Shen Yanxiao does not want to kill. Shen Yanxiao to kill people, even the first good man in the mainland of light blue seal glass will not hesitate to kill each other, Shen Yanxiao do not want to kill, even if the other side is full of evil, blue seal glass will not move a finger. If one day, Shen Yanxiao let Lan Feng Li kill all the people in the mainland of light, including Uncle Nine and the Phantom Spirit, outdoor palm trees ,large artificial blossom trees, he would not hesitate to do it. This requires diehard loyalty. One person has one belief in his life. Only Shen Yanxiao's life is obedient. I'll ask Qi Xia to help you prepare things. I'll have someone prepare the map of the House of Elders of the Seven Kingdoms for you. You can get familiar with it in the evening. If you can, Shen Yanxiao also don't want to let the blue seal glass go, but she can't get away now, shallow deep their injuries have been almost good, may leave at any time, repair also need to absorb strength, Shen Yanxiao if this time to leave the sun does not set, I am afraid to miss with the dragon mainland. Qi Xia and others are also busy now, and as far as the ability to kill people is concerned, none of them can match the blue seal glass. What's more, in the hands of the blue seal glass, there is also a holy beast canthus. Even in the face of millions of troops, the blue seal glass can also get away with it. He's the man for the job. OK Blue seal glass nodded, he suddenly looked up at Shen Yan Xiao, hesitated to open his mouth, "when will my sister go to the Dragon Mainland?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly stupefied, and his eyes softened a lot. Within half a month. "I'll be back in ten days." Blue seal glass takes a deep breath of airway. 1708. No Chapter 1708 all the people are soldiers (4). Lan Feng Li did not wait until the next day. After he got the topographic map of the Seven Kingdoms, he left with his canthus that night. It was a long way from Sunrise to the Seven Kingdoms, and when he left, he borrowed the rosefinch, which flew the fastest. After Lan Feng Li left, Shen Yanxiao sent a letter to Duan Hen. Once the House of Elders is slaughtered, the Seven Kingdoms are bound to fall into chaos, and this is the time for Duan Hen to rise. Whether we can grasp it depends on Duan Hen's own strength. Not long after the blue seal glass left, Qin Ge of the hand of silver came to the door. The reason is very strange, he is actually on behalf of all members of the silver hand to consult Shen Yan Xiao.
Shen Yanxiao was a little surprised by the collective consultation of the Silver Hand. She had an agreement with the Silver Hand before. Although the Silver Hand settled down in the sunset, it was not managed by Shen Yanxiao unless they consulted Shen Yaxiao about stealing techniques. This is Shen Yanxiao at the beginning in order to let them settle down, made the agreement, as for the consultation, she is also planned, but the recent things too much, she has not implemented the abduction plan. But this has not been implemented, how can the hand of silver come to the door? "Why would you do that all of a sudden?" Shen Yan Xiao sat in the study, looking at a face of upright Qin Ge, to tell the truth, the face of this goods is really too deceptive. Embarrassed, Qin Ge said, "The Lord's ability is even greater than we imagined. He can not only steal the legendary Dragon Clan, but also steal the Broken Star Palace. The brothers of the Silver Hand all want to ask the Lord for advice." “……” Shen Yan Xiao Jiong, when did she say that the Dragon Clan and the Broken Star Palace were "stolen" by herself? When Shen Yanxiao was confused, he saw that outside the study, Su Feihuan showed his head and kept winking at Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao immediately came to his senses. It is estimated that such an incredible rumor came from the mouth of Su Feihuan. Since the blue seal glass "leave without saying goodbye", Su Feihuan is extremely depressed, it is obvious that the blue seal glass is to help Shen Yanxiao work, and he as the third master of the silver hand, naturally can not participate in the internal affairs of the sun never sets, which makes him very depressed. Under Yu pawn, this shameless to the extreme guy, thought of a bad move,artificial plant wall panels, tied the hand of silver in Shen Yan Xiao's boat, then after Shen Yan Xiao let blue seal glass to do something, he is not also have a reason to follow the past.
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