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The white moonlight marks me -- Xiong Mi (9th Jan 23 at 2:07am UTC)
My God, so am I now a Su Luo Party, or a Xiao Luo Party, or a Li Luo Party? The landlord who released the blockbuster news has gone crazy. Hit MECH's CP for so long, and she actually hit it. This really CP, unexpectedly this Zun also, or Dali God! At the time of the nationwide storm, the forum of Dongshu Military Academy is also experiencing a fantastic baptism. The students still feel like they are in a dream. [Is it true what was discussed on the MECH platform just now? I, I, Dali, and I went to the same school?] [Su is actually Lilia. Why didn't I go to Class 3 to see him more?] [I regret it too! I went to the window of Class Three to see the school grass. [555555] Sister, don't cry! At least you had a crush on my Lishen man! [Hahahaha] Ha ha ha, my school grass! I do not know what to say, MD school grass bubble to Li Shen, absolutely! The students of Dongshu Military Academy, as the first group of people to knock on the school grass and Lishen CP,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, have been completely incoherent. Even more incoherent were the members of the last line of defense in the east. In the group of Su Luo's first fan club, Xu Jiaying has been sending links one after another to analyze that Su Lili is Lilia. Every time she sends a link, she will frantically "ah ah ah" several times. [Xu Xu is a soft girl: [Link: Strength appraisal of Su Lili and Lishen in the S-level of the whole subject] [Xu Xu is a soft girl: Ah!] [Xu Xu is a soft girl: [Link: Analysis of ten small details of the love relationship between Li Shen and Omega spiker]] Xu Xu is a soft girl: Ah! Elder Brother! Why didn't you tell me? [Manager Xu:.. The dog didn't tell me!] [Manager Xu: [Link: Surprise, the constellation matching degree of Li Shen and Luo Qing is as high as …] ] [Manager Xu: Ah, the dog is hiding everything from me! I'm going to hit him! [Xiaofan:..] [Xiaofan: Brother Xu, can't you beat Brother Luo?] [Manager Xu: … …] [Xiaofan: And Brother Luo is going to report to the Wings of the Sky today.] [Manager Xu: ***, I'll go out to see him off] At this time,gear reduction motor, regardless of the comments from the outside world, His Royal Highness Su Lili and Xiao Qingjue, as the six-wing commander of the Empire, had already left for the junction of the eastern and southern borders. Huge module cracks like torn scars lie on the edge of the eastern module of the Empire, and more than a hundred miles away from it, the southern module lies on one side, and has set up an iron wall. On the fourth day of the rupture of the southern border module, the first recovery fleet was stationed on the edge of the eastern border. During the night, the first humanoid mechanical armor strikes lightly, reaching the edge of the Southland module. On the Southland module, the broken edge of the module has been defended by hard steel armor. Southbound Heavy Industries set up a detection system to detect the arrival of humanoid mechanical armor and launch the first wave of attacks. After skirmishes, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Micro Gear Motor, the Imperial mecha temporarily retreated to the east. On the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth consecutive nights of the module fracture, Hsiao Ching-chueh continued to lead the MECH troops to reconnoitre. After four days of mapping, he initially simulated a map of the hundred-mile battle line between the southern mirror and the eastern border. On the tenth day, with Red Lotus as the main attack armor, the Imperial Fleet officially rose and approached the edge of the South Mirror Module. On the eleventh day, the Red Lotus mecha broke through the artillery defense line of the southern module, destroyed the defense system on the edge of the module, and opened the exit for the fleet to force the module. From the twelfth day to the fifteenth day, the first fleet, after repelling three waves of heavy fire MECH attacks in the south, firmly fastened more than a thousand steel chains on the edge of the eastern and southern modules to facilitate the supply of follow-up troops. On the sixteenth day, Honglian led the first fleet to be formally stationed on the edge of the South Mirror Module. Fifteen days later, the Imperial fleet began to advance to the center of the south. A month later, Dongjing Heavy Industries. Omega, dressed in the white military uniform of Wings of the Sky, slowly pushed open the door of the group's design studio. Dad. Luo Qing stood still in the doorway. On the table in the design room, Luo Shifeng raised his eyes and looked at his tall son.
Omega's son is tall and straight in his military uniform, and a pair of wings on his right arm badge has been slowly unfolded. Are you sure you want to go? Luo Shifeng asked slowly. …… Yes The son's words remained unchanged, "The teacher said that Xiao Qingjue met the giant MECH designed by Nanjing Heavy Industries in front of him, which could not be conquered in a short time with the existing firepower." Lack of firepower, with the strength of the wings of the sky now, in addition to Xiao Qingjue Honglian, who is already fighting, his turn is Luo Qing. Luo Shifeng slowly tightened his hand. Xiao Qingjue is your future husband, and you should help him. “…… Even if he and I are not engaged, I will go. “……” Luo Shifeng stood up, walked to Luo's side, and finally patted his son on the shoulder. I have studied the giant MECH designed by Nanjing Heavy Industries according to the drawings sent by Xiao Qingjue. Luo Shifeng looked at Luo Qing, who was almost the same size as himself, and finally laughed. "Although its defense capability is strong, the parts at the joints are complex and can be destroyed by sonic heavy cannons." "Sonic Heavy Cannon?" "Yes, the laboratory has been put into use." The sonic heavy cannon was also the weapon he gave his son to use on the holographic simulation platform. Luo Shifeng's voice paused and straightened his collar for Luo Qing: "I have matched him to your MECH." “!” Luo poured a hot stream in his heart, and finally he couldn't help shouting out, "Dad." "Dad hit you too hard before. I hope you don't take it to heart." "How could." Take it to heart? Luo looked up at his father. Luo Shifeng had already waved his hand and turned his back. His shoulders shook. Finally, his voice sounded again: "Nanjing Heavy Industries has scattered our father and son. Son,brushless gear motor, teach these guys a good lesson for Lao Tzu." "Yes." Luo Qing stood still, "Dad, you can rest assured that I will come back." 。
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