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Female partner counterattack to fix the male prota (9th Jan 23 at 2:14am UTC)
Ma Jianren carelessly sat back on the chair and pulled the tie around his neck. There was a flash of light in his muddy eyes. Then he said in a loud voice, "I just eat in the entertainment circle. I don't care about the scandal. What do you care about?"? But Ning Tianwang also need not be sad, two little that kind of big young master change of heart is really too normal, but he has been concentrating on you before is strange! Ha ha ha If Ning Wen had not had a good means of playing hard to get, Ershao would not have been dead set on him! Ning Wen sat there quietly, carelessly stroking the goblet in his hand, looking at the clear red liquid inside, and suddenly thought of the man who was as bright as the sun. Yes, his devotion to himself is a miracle in the eyes of others. But now the miracle is about to disappear. I don't know if the TV set in the box was controlled by someone outside, but suddenly it was turned on by itself, which happened to be a set of CCTV. The first person who appeared in the camera was a handsome young man dressed in white. He was looking down at the letters in his hand. He seemed to be aware of something. In a flash, he raised his eyes to the camera. The darkness and depth inside made people feel nervous. In an instant, all the scenery around him became illusory. Then the black ink sonorous and forceful write aside: Liu Che-Gu Jing. The camera pulls up, across the palace walls, to another beautifully decorated palace, the delicate and gorgeous girl dressed in a beautiful palace skirt, her face is filled with innocent smiles, surrounded by servants kneeling on the ground. Next to: Chen Ejiao-Lin Sihan. The camera rises again, goodbye is an old woman with a dignified face, surrounded by untamed beauties. After a series of pictures, there is a magnificent cursive script, printed in the center of the white paper-Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. My tenth son Liu Che, benevolent, benevolent house heart, military strategy, the first emperor legacy, deep in my heart. So seal it for the big fellow prince, Qin this! Kneeling in the yard, the young man raised his hands respectfully and said, "Thank you!" The eunuch who announced the decree picked up the young man with a smile. His voice was shrill but full of flattery: "Your Royal Highness, the emperor really thinks highly of you!" Only then did the young man who had stood up show his face. He was handsome and gentle. Hearing this, he frowned slightly. "I don't know what happened to my elder brother." The eunuch bowed and replied, "The deposed prince must be packing up his things and leaving the palace now. After all, he is now the king of Linjiang. He can't live in the palace any more." Said as if to think of something, and whispered, "after the waste is also, but unfortunately there is no blessing out of the palace to enjoy." The boy narrowed his eyes slightly, and his face was full of a reserved and gentle smile: "It's really a pity." The eunuch listened to his soft voice and subconsciously bent his waist deeper. (Out of line with history) …… "Pop, pop, pop!" Ning Wen looked away from the TV and saw Ma Jianren clapping with appreciation: "I didn't expect that this newcomer's acting skills are not bad. No wonder he can be highly praised by the world. Ha ha ha. It's not strange that Ershao likes him!" Just when he looks at the gentle and complicated teenager in the camera, Inflatable meltdown , he will have the impulse to get it, let alone the naturally curved Ershao? When Ning Wen heard this, he just indifferently picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, and slightly hooked his lips: "I wonder if General Manager Ma has brought the contract?"? Also, I have a five-year contract with Universal, and the default fee.. Ma Jianren burst out laughing: "Of course, we are out of Hancheng!"! Ha ha ha! Since King Ning is so straightforward, I can't drag my feet! All right, sign! Dividing line “2。 3! The ratings have reached 5. Three! It's still going up! It's still rising! 2。 Five! "It's going up so fast!"! 2。 Seven! According to this trend, our TV play must be the most popular this year! “3。 0! Ha ha ha Summer Qi listened to the noise outside in the lounge, and then looked at Gu Jing, who was sitting beside him and watching the live broadcast on the Internet, who could not help laughing. He reached out and covered the back of his hand: "Don't worry." Gu Jing slightly relaxed his tight back and frowned: "It's all right." After all, it is the first time to play the leading role, and the ratings are very important! It will be all right.
"Not only is the brand of Chen Mo hanging outside, but also there are so many things that have been making a lot of noise before. As long as Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty is not too bad, the ratings will not be low!"! Outside the door like a response came a cry of surprise: "lying trough 3.". Eight! I can't sleep tonight! Gu Jing slightly raised his lips, and his stiff face softened a lot. Now in this era of TV dramas and variety shows, it is no longer the time when the ratings of the Water Margin reached 80%. Now a TV drama with a ratings of 2% is already a red drama! What's more, now 3. 8 is still rising? "Hum.." Summer Qi took out his cell phone, looked at the flashing name above and smiled, and his handsome face was full of aggressive enchanting. I just broke off for two days, and I just came back from training, and I was dizzy. At least the third watch today! The difference will be made up! ... In the summer, when Qi arrived at the "National Beauty and Fragrance", Ning Wen was the only one left in the box. Ning Wen, who had always been restrained from drinking, was lying on the table with a flushed face, and his handsome and gentle face was at a loss, without the usual cold and cheerless appearance. Arvin? Summer Qi anxiously walked over to help him, smelling the strong smell of alcohol on his body, could not help frowning, asked him, "Are you crazy?"? You are a public figure, and you are drunk. What if you are photographed by a reporter? Do you know what the entertainment news will say about you tomorrow? Ning Wen looked up at him blankly. Seeing that he was worried about his appearance, he suddenly laughed and clenched his sleeve: "Tian Qi.." Summer Qi suddenly felt a soft heart, he knew that this is the original owner's feelings in the interference of their own. Because pay too much, get too much cold reception, so just simply call a name can not help but be soft-hearted. This is the person he loves most, ah, he has never seen him like this, simple like a child. Ning Wen grabbed his sleeve, showing an expression of grievance. The whole person was like a withered flower in an instant, which made people feel distressed: "But,Inflatable outdoor park, Tian Qi, why don't you want me?" Summer Qi stiffened his body and let him pull himself to question, but his dark and bright eyes were full of complexity at this time.
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