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It's God (11th Jan 23 at 12:15am UTC)
"Wait, the magic crystal core, that's a lot of money." Omar opened his mouth and said, holding a dagger, he quickly reached the body of the red lizard man, and a few swords separated it, picked out the red crystal nucleus, and then quickly returned to the team. Several people naturally know the power of the lizard man. Without Gaia, it was very difficult for them to deal with one, and they did not dare to stay any longer and left here as soon as possible. Gaia did not fly too high, because he had to follow the footsteps of those people, but the traces left by those people gradually disappeared, and Gaia often had to make a clumsy search before he could find them. The disease here is getting stronger and stronger, and the scenery 50 meters away can't be seen clearly, and even light magic can hardly dispel these dizzy humbleness. "Aeni, can you feel the breath of those people?" Gaia flies directly, which is naturally much faster. Even if there are some lizards on the ground, it is not a threat to Gaia at all. In this itch, Gaia's perception range is also hindered by this special fog. It cannot be extended to a larger scope. There, there, someone, is, is playing. Eni pointed in one direction with his little finger. Jumping up and down on Gaia's shoulders, always with a look of joy. Play? Are you fighting? Gaia is a little ashamed, this little guy seems to fight as a joke,warehouse storage racks, do not know how Meisha this more than half a year to teach her, did not let this little guy some, but more naughty. Well, well, in the battle, a lot of things with long tails, and, and a mother. "Dark Ni's perception in this environment is particularly prominent, because there is a dark atmosphere around him, which is really the most familiar to the pure dark attributes of Dark Ni." Mom Gaia was even more ashamed. What's going on in this little guy's head. When she was still in the Warcraft egg, she rolled into the belly of the dormant little purple dragon. For about half a year, the little guy always thought that the little purple dragon was her mother after he was born. When he was free, he went to the space bracelet and lay on the head of the little purple dragon to sleep. The small purple dragon was most afraid of this clingy little thing, medium duty racking ,automated warehouse systems, but he couldn't drive it away. The mother mentioned by Aeni should be another dragon, which should be the Red Dragon of the Dragon Magician mentioned by the adventurers. It is said that this person has recently appeared here, so they will associate the powerful Gaia with the Dragon Magician. What are these people doing here? Gaia said to herself. It was obvious that the group should be the people of Elmore College, and for one of the six heroes, the dragon magician, Gerthos. This man's strength should be very strong. What's more, there is a red dragon, and I'm afraid that red dragon is also growing up. Gaia is not close, the dragon's perception is quite strong, even if Gaia has a hidden ring, I am afraid it is easy to detect, he just keeps a certain distance from those people, although they can not see them, but the dark perception of the dark is also easy to understand their situation. The scrolls do not record how to crack the miasma that lingers beyond the remains of the swamp. Gaia wondered how those people did not lose their way in such a thick itch. And as they moved forward, the surrounding swamps changed markedly, becoming less lifeless, and the grotesque trees, though still black and gray, did not look so desolate. However, the ground at the foot of Gangquya was covered with mud, and with the increase of the black boiled ancient swamps and tall grass, there was almost no place to stand directly, most of it was swallowed up by the black muddy water, and Gaia had to keep flying or stand on some trees. This is not a bog forest, because the trees are very far apart. What is more special is the rattan bridges connected by ancient trees. These rattan bridges obviously have a long history. Most of them are broken from the middle, drooping from the trees into the muddy water. Some of them are even wrapped by some strange substances, turning into long lumps like rocks.
Dark elves are the most adaptable race among the elves to survive in various environments. Areas like swamps are the least favorite of the elves, because there is nothing more worthy of their nostalgia except silt and algae. However, thousands of years ago, a tribe of dark elves established a small civilization in such an environment, which shows how special the dark elves are among the elves. By this time, Gaia was sure that the swamp shrouded by the thick miasma should be the ruins of the dark elves. Gaia did not follow the team blindly, but began to explore the mysteries of the ruins of the elves. This swamp relic decayed earlier than the psychedelic forest, and the psychedelic forest can also tell from some wooden houses built on tree trunks and some special wreaths that there are traces of elves living here, and this swamp relic is very difficult for people who don't know the elves very well to tell if they lived here, and Gaia can be sure that this is the place where the dark elves lived. It is also by virtue of some memory fragments instilled into him by the thousand-year-old druid on the second floor of the Forbidden Land of God, which also contain many customs and preferences of the dark elves. Standing on a tall old dead tree. Gaia closed his eyes and breathed the damp and silty air here, trying to sense some special scenes left by the dark elves with the inheritance of the elves, just as Gaia had entered the artistic conception of the sacred tree in the psychedelic forest. It's just that although Gaia felt the very faint breath of elven life, she didn't see those special pictures, and the itchy fog didn't bring Gaia into that environment. Aeni,industrial racking systems, can you sense where the breath of life is strongest? Gaia asked. Wherever the elves have lived, they will leave a source of life, even if it has dried up. Gaia has only to get there to restore some of his breath of life.
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