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Chinese Paladin IV (11th Jan 23 at 12:24am UTC)
Lingsha thought for a moment, then shook her head and said, "It's too slow to walk on the official road. Huai Shuo's swordsmanship is fast. I'm afraid they've arrived in Chenzhou now. Now we have to take a chance. I hope they can stay in Chenzhou for a few more days. We have to speed up here before we can meet them.". I have a shortcut to Chenzhou. Remembering what he had said that night, Tianhe asked curiously, "By the way, Lingsha, where is the shortcut?" Lingsha smiled proudly and said, "Hee hee. Actually, I've thought about it for a long time. This time, we'll take the underground palace of Huainan Mausoleum. If it goes well, it won't be long before we can get to Wanqiu Mountain near Chenzhou. It's much easier than taking the official road." Meng Li was taken aback: "Huainan Mausoleum?"? But It's against the law to rush in there. I'm afraid it's not good. Besides, it hasn't been long since your wanted notice was taken down. "Don't be afraid," said Lingsha with a smile. "Everything is flexible. Besides, we're not going here to plunder treasures, but to borrow other people's territory as a corridor. The king of Huainan is a prince, not so stingy, is he? Seeing that Meng Li still hesitated, he said, "Alas, actually I don't want to run around in other people's mausoleums. It's just that time is really tight this time. If I don't take this road, I may never catch up with them." Tianhe,outdoor spa manufacturers, don't you think? Tianhe nodded: "Well, you're right!" "Since you all think so," said Meng Li, "let's go this way." "Good," said Lingsha! In fact, the mausoleum is very spectacular, if you do not go to open your eyes, it is really not worth it! The three of them walked all the way along the mountain path. Bagong Mountain is lush with vegetation. Legend has it that during the battle of Feishui in the Qin and Jin Dynasties,garden jacuzzi tub, Fu Jian, the commander of the Qin army, stood on Shouyang City and looked at Bagong Mountain in the distance. He saw the vegetation on the mountain shaking with the wind. He was so frightened that he thought that the mountain was full of soldiers of the Jin army, so the idiom "all plants are soldiers" was handed down to the world. Almost everywhere the three of them went, they were sheltered under the shade of trees. It was very cool, and the pain of walking was reduced invisibly. Before long, the three men came to a flat open space on the mountainside, only to see a huge tomb in front of them, with six characters inscribed on the tablet in front of the tomb, "Tomb of the King of Huainan in Han Dynasty", and two soldiers standing beside the tablet. See 3 people come, two people come forward to drink a way: "What to do?"? This place is impassable! Get out of here! Han Lingsha was furious and said angrily, "Be bold!"! Do you know who the girl behind me is? A soldier looked at Liu Mengli and said with a cheeky smile, "Oh, this girl looks good.." But the other one disdained to say, indoor endless pool ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "No matter how beautiful she is, she is just a woman. Is she still a fairy?"? Get out! Is this the place where you walk around? "Hum," said Lingsha angrily, "this girl is the daughter of the magistrate of Shouyang County. She is inspecting this place on behalf of her father today. You two have eyes that don't know Mount Tai. Why don't you get out of the way quickly?" That person laughs: "I say, really celestial being, how can still come to this ghost place?"? Dick, I think you're crazy about women. The man next to him laughed and said, "Boss, aren't you the same?"? Complain every day and blame the officer for not giving you leave to pick up chicks. Turning to Meng Li, he said with a cheeky smile, "Go away!"! No matter how beautiful you are, you can't live here! However If you want to stay and play with your uncle, you can think about it. Liu Mengli blushed and said angrily, "You!" She grew up in a big house, loved by her parents and respected by her servants. She was so angry that she could not speak. The Ling Sha of one side also is great anger, drink a way: "Shut your foul mouth!"! What a bold man! Even the county magistrate's daughter dares to offend him! The bigger soldier sneered, "The county magistrate's daughter?"? So what? Her father didn't do his job well. There were grave robbers here a while ago. The emperor issued an imperial edict. Now the mausoleum of the former Dynasty is under the direct jurisdiction of the capital. It's no longer the county magistrate's business! Another person also scolds: "His Niang, hear that hair thief or a female, do not know how to look like.".
Bah! Had it not been for that woman's harm, how could our brothers have come to guard this ghost place? Not only did they not get oil and water, but recently even monsters have come out. It's really his mother's hard work! Granny, that female thief must have no asshole after giving birth to a child! When Ling Sha heard this, her face was filled with anger: "What did you say?!" Tianhe also got angry and said angrily, "Don't curse!" As soon as the two soldiers saw that they dared to speak back, they grabbed their weapons and said, "Just scold me. How about that?"? Do you want to die? Seeing that the four were about to fight, Liu Mengli held back her anger and pulled them over: "Mr. Yun and Ling Sha, don't pay any attention to them. Come with me.." Pulling the two men to the shade of a tree in the distance, the soldier shouted behind him: "You are sensible!"! No matter how much nonsense you talk, you will be arrested and locked up! Damn it! Ling Sha was so angry that she sat down on the ground. "I'm so angry!" She said! Those two bastards are full of nonsense! Meng Li sighed and said, "It's all crazy talk. Why should I haggle with them?" Ling Sha was so angry that she patted the ground again and again: "The most hateful thing is that now they already know the origin of the dream glass, and they can't knock them out directly!"! Oh, what a miscalculation! I thought it would be easy to say the identity of the dream glass. Tianhe said doubtfully, "Ling Sha, I still don't quite understand. Isn't Liu Bobo the boss?"? Why should he be afraid of these two men when he has so many men? "Of course you don't have to be afraid of these two bastards," said Lingsha. "But their boss is much more powerful than the county magistrate, so the county magistrate doesn't dare to provoke them! Alas, now it seems that we have to find another way around. Liu Mengli thought for a moment and then suddenly said, "Ling Sha, I have a plan. I might as well try.". You come with me. Then he went to the mausoleum again. When the soldier saw Meng Li coming, he laughed and said, "What's the matter?"? I want to accompany my uncle again. With a wave of Meng Li's right hand, they felt dizzy and said, "What are you doing.." Before he had finished speaking, he threw himself on the ground and fainted. Lingsha and Tianhe came forward, and when they saw such a scene, their hearts were full of wonder. Meng Li explained,China spa factory, "They have been hit by a spell. It will take them a while to wake up. When they wake up, they won't remember what happened just now. Of course, they won't remember us.". Let's go quickly. 。
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