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Buddha-like female companion teaches scum to be a (11th Jan 23 at 12:54am UTC)
Ning Yiyi asked tentatively, "You mean I was trapped in a demon at that time?" She noticed that the faces of the people around her were not good. How did the God religion come out of the process? She changed her story. Mother Ning: "Or what?" Surrounding people's faces are even more ugly, some disgusted, some helpless, some dull, and some fanatical?! What? What's going on in this house? Ning Yiyi was surprised and uncertain, and did not dare to disobey the noble mother, so he started with Wu Fan summoning the demon and everyone fainting, only skipping the part of Lin Xuanran's rampage. She was the only one talking during the dinner, and with the stern look of Ning's mother, she really wanted to throw down the bowl and run away. After the silence, Ning's mother suddenly clapped her chopsticks and said, "Did you go out with your brothers and sisters?" Ning Yiyi almost jumped up: "Yes, yes." "You have passed the most rigorous test of the divine religion, but you have given up this great opportunity and slaughtered the children of the divine religion all the way?"? Sin, sin! You unworthy girl! Ning Yiyi was still a black man with a question mark face. At this time, Ning's father, who had been silent all the time, opened his mouth: "All right, don't do that. Everyone has his own ideas. What are you forcing her to do?" "Each has his own ideas?"? You are too indulgent, so you call these people lawless and brainwashed by sinners! "What sinner? That's the immortal!"! They are the right path,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and naturally they are reasonable. You should be more sober. "-I'm sober!"! But in this world, the only truth is nothing more than the word'power ', and the great power inherent in the blood of God proves that it is the right way! A group of grass-mud horses galloped in Ning Yiyi's mind. Her mother is really sick, and the disease is in her brain. Chapter 24 can't go back. Ning Yiyi sat on one side in silence, looking at the nose and the heart, and the first two quarreled bitterly. The people in the Demon Sect disregard human life and abuse their secret power, which leads to the loss of life. The history books are clear. Why don't you want to believe it? "The history books are all false, and they are the excuses used by the victors to excuse themselves!" "Even if this is true,heavy duty metal racks, everyone says that the Demon Sect is cruel. Isn't there anything credible about it?" "All mouths are full of gold!"! And you say'Magic Sect 'again! What a farce. Ning Yiyi lowered her eyes, held the bowl, and sipped the pumpkin porridge. People of the same generation in the room also sat in the same place with different expressions, nervously waiting for the outcome of the battle, although there was no suspense. Father Ning shut his mouth and always felt that he had lost his male dignity, so he ate a meal in two or three, ate the bowl angrily, and got up to leave the table. But there was no relaxation in the atmosphere, because Ning's mother stroked her chest and frowned, scraped the younger generation one by one with an eye knife, and finally stopped on Ning Yiyi. Ning Yiyi: Should I run away? "Ning Yiyi.". You are the daughter of my parents, and you are the highest in terms of cultivation, and you will inherit most of the family property in the future. This time I order you to write to Huai'er to ask you to go home, so that you can see clearly the way ahead and make a clean break with Tianyuan Zong! Ning Yiyi: Ex m? Mother Ning thought of something and softened her tone a little: "I sent you to Tianyuan Zong before, causing you to have to live under the power of these'gentlemen 'for several years in a row. I was really confused and regretted it.". But it's not too late to make up for it now. Go home now and break up with those immortal sects as soon as possible. Don't go back! Ning Yiyi: Did I enter the pyramid selling organization by mistake? Mother Ning went on to say, asrs warehouse ,warehouse pallet racks, "As it happens, you have won the affirmation of the divine religion. If you join the religion with your mother, you will surely achieve great success.". It doesn't matter if your sword is damaged. The divine religion has whatever it wants, and then it's a new one! Ning Yiyi subconsciously looked at Ning Huai, her younger brother, who was second only to her in the same generation. Ning Mu: "What do you see him do?"? His face was full of joy! Ning Huai, with a face of "I am fine", raised the corners of his mouth mechanically and gave Ning Yiyi a look of not talking back. But it was unnecessary for him, because Ning Yiyi had already seen the end of his rebellion against his mother from his father's performance.
"Well," she said with a twitching smile, "mother is right, but it's a big deal. Tianyuan Zong is quite strong, and he has made a lot of good friends. I wonder if he can consider it carefully." "Don't play this game with me," said Ning Mu with a stern look in her eyes! All the excuses are just perfunctory! Ning Huai said in a low voice, "Mother and sister have just returned home, and the change is sudden, at least." Mother Ning glanced at him, and he was as quiet as a chicken. But as soon as Ning's mother thought about it, she would not act too hastily. She nodded slightly and said, "Well, I'll give you some time to think about it.". I want to hear your answer before Youshi today! You Shi, five o'clock in the evening. Ning Yiyi brain whirring, hurriedly promised again and again: "Yes, the son will live up to his mother's expectations." Calm down, calm down. Don't go against her. Ning Yiyi steadied Ning's mother with good words and went back to her room under the supervision of the maids. Yesterday, when she first arrived, she was not familiar with everything. When she noticed it, she really felt that these people were actually watching her to prevent her from slipping away! She secretly rubbed and looked at the sky, not setting up any boundary to prevent her from flying away, right? This time, in the name of the loss of her sword, she returned home in a carriage, covered with ashes, just to make them relax their vigilance. There was a knock at the door. Sister, "Ning Huai is used to being oppressed. As soon as she sees a woman older than him, she quickly lowers her head and tries to lower her sense of existence." I, I have something to say to you. " He waved back the maid, flashed into the small hall outside Ning Yiyi's bedroom, sat down and breathed a sigh. Ning Yiyi: What's the matter? Are you timid and like a man? Ning Huai: "My elder sister is not at home all the year round. I don't know that the family has already changed, especially." He glanced nervously at the window. "This half a year." He gave a brief account of the situation. In recent years, the Demon Sect has been gaining momentum, and the Ning family, who has a deep friendship with the Tianyuan Sect, is naturally worried, so they send Ning Yiyi, who has a little foundation, to the Fairy Gate. However, just half a year ago,heavy duty cantilever racks, Ning's mother strayed into the Demon Sect and witnessed a small-scale war. After seeing the power of the core lineage of the Sect with her own eyes, she was greatly overwhelmed. Disappeared for a month. When she came back, her whole person was different. She became a fanatical supporter of the Demon Sect and tried to turn the Ning family into a stronghold of the Demon Sect.
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