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Big idol (6th Feb 23 at 3:05am UTC)
Lee Jun-yi, Lee Hyo-ri and Rain, three of the top Solo singers, were placed on the top floor of the hotel. This kind of "differential treatment" is so direct and hurtful that even the level of TVXQ and Bigbang can't be compared. In fact, the room conditions of TVXQ, Bigbang and others are also the best, but they are not as exaggerated as Li Junyi. Out of the elevator, Li Junyi's mind was still thinking about the exercise just now, and his fingers kept playing in the air. He took two steps, stopped to think for a while, and then went on. Soon, he came to the door of the room. At this time, Li Zhunyi noticed that there was a figure curled up at the door of the room, with a long silky hair sliding down his shoulder, looking like he had fallen asleep. Looking at this emaciated figure, Li Junyi could not help smiling at the corners of his mouth, bending down and sitting down in front of the girl, looking sideways at the sleeping face, holding his chin with his right hand, and watching affectionately. After a while, the hair in front of the girl's forehead slipped down,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, covering most of her cheeks. Li Junyi raised her left hand and gently pinned the girl's hair behind her ears. She watched her cheeks turn pink because she was sleeping soundly, and her eyes were full of spoiling. Suddenly, the girl seemed to be aware of the hot eyes on her body, raised her head, rubbed her hazy eyes, the line of sight was just clear, and she saw the smiling eyes in front of her eyes,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, "Brother Zhunyi, have you finished practicing?" The person who waited at the door of Li Junyi until he fell asleep was Lin Yuner. Li Junyi rubbed Lin Yuner's fluffy hair. "Why are you waiting here? Go to bed early. You have to go on stage today." Lin Yuner's deer eyes are still a little bleary at this time, a little less smart, a little more lovely, "just want to see you." There is a little coquetry in the words. Li Junyi nodded Lin Yuner's nose and outlined a beautiful arc at the corners of his mouth. "Well, today's performance is over. If there is a chance, let's go out and play together." Li Junyi's words made Lin Yuner's eyes light up immediately, and he nodded forcefully, like a chicken pecking rice. Li Junyi sent Lin Yuner back to his room and said good night to each other before going upstairs again, ending the day of running around. From six o'clock the next day, people began to get up one after another. Originally, there were many people in the group, so it took more time to dress up, especially like Super. Big groups like Junior and Girls' Generation have to get up earlier than others to prepare. Li Junyi did not sleep too late. He got up around nine o'clock. After dressing up, he went straight to the public arena. Before the official stage, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, the "only band" bought precious time, spent half an hour rehearsing on the stage several times, and sang twice in full, mainly to adjust the microphone and lighting problems. For the rest, we can only rely on everyone's performance on the stage. At four o'clock in the afternoon, fans began to enter. The staff on the stage are still doing the final finishing on the stage, and the hot air on the scene has begun to brew. The 2009 K-pop concert in Thailand kicked off early at 6 pm, mainly because of the large number of big names. The concert is estimated to last four and a half hours, so it started early. Responsible for today's opening are several groups of newcomers who have been on the stage for less than half a year, U-Kiss, 2am, 2pm, After. School et al. Although the debut time is not long, the reaction at the scene is still very enthusiastic. Thailand has always been the most influential region of the Korean Wave, no one. The audience at the scene was simply crazy about the singers. It was just the beginning. The atmosphere at the scene was already very hot. It was only March, but it gave people the illusion that it was July in midsummer. And when 2pm came out, the scene had the momentum of turning over the roof, forming the first one after the opening of today's concert. Before his debut in South Korea, Nikhun actually made his debut in Thailand. At that time, his popularity could not be underestimated. Now he joins 2pm and returns with the great power of the Korean Wave. He is even more popular in Thailand. The front of the stage is very lively, and the backstage is also noisy.
A group of young people gathered together, full of energy, and now in the exciting concert scene, it is even more exciting. Li Junyi was standing with Koo Hara at this time, and the two were talking excitedly. Although everyone is together from yesterday to today, but because Li Junyi has been busy with the "only band" thing, so the two people until now have a chance to really chat for a while. Now Koo Hara's popularity has skyrocketed through "Pretty.". "Girl" and "Honey" two songs, Barbie doll Koo Hara's reputation is out, the popularity of the rise also let Koo Hara gradually abandoned the previous sense of inferiority, more beautiful up. Now with Hola, and restored the original and Li Junyi together in the S. M company practice when the naughty elves, smile more up, which makes Li Junyi also very happy. However, the two people did not chat too long, and soon it was Kara's turn to go on stage. Lee Jun-yi shouted "Come on" to Koo Hara. After watching Koo Hara go on stage, he quickly came to the preparation area. There, the members of the band arrived one after another, and everyone was confirming their instruments and microphones. On stage, Kara is singing their signature song "Pretty.". "Girl", the Thai fans in the audience also raised their hands and swayed their hands with the singing of "Yeah, Yeah". The scene of thousands of hands raised and swayed was spectacular. After Kara stepped down from the stage, there was no host, and the whole public performance was dark. The audience is still wondering, what's going on? Shouldn't the next show be Girls' Generation? Why the sudden dark lights? And the back of the stage, including the next girls' generation to be performed, are all crowded to both sides of the stage,mirror stainless steel sheet, closely watching the changes on the stage. On the big dark screen, the word "only" suddenly appeared, which made everyone even more surprised. What is the only one? The name of the song is still a singer. Why haven't you heard of it before.
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