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Rebirth of the Eighty's Favourite Little Wife--Met (6th Feb 23 at 3:05am UTC)
Teacher Xie, I have finished speaking. I'm leaving. Xu Jiaren jumped down from the stool and turned his head to go out. Tao Meijuan, the head of the kindergarten, had already said hello to Xie Yun, and it was up to her whether Xu Jiaren would stay or not in the kindergarten, so there was no need to ask. Seeing Xu Jiaren's willful departure, Xie Yun held back and said nothing. She turned to the rest of the children and shouted, "All right, you put the stool away. We're ready to eat!" But Soho ran out with him. Xu Jiaren! Behind him came a tender voice, Xu Jiaren turned helplessly: "Su Hao, I have gone, what else do you want?" Kids are so much trouble! Su Hao clenched his fist and his little face turned red. It took him a long time to squeeze out a sentence: "Can you stay?"? I I apologize to you. Apologize Stay?! Xu Jiaren thinks the little male God is very funny. What kind of apology is that? He's not wrong. As for her, kindergarten is just a shield for parents to feel at ease, how can she stay and waste time? Originally intended to turn around and walk away, but looking at the little male God's pleading face, Xu Jiaren still went over and said one more word. Did you ask me why I didn't go to your house during the Spring Festival? Su Hao nodded. Many people go to your home during the Spring Festival, because your grandfather has something that others want. And he doesn't have what I want in his hands, so I don't have to pretend to pay New Year's greetings. Have something in your hand? Pretend? Su Hao was confused when he heard it. Anyway. Xu Jiaren didn't want the child to feel that the world was too dark. She rubbed Su Hao's little head and said, "Just remember, I don't go to your house to pay a New Year call because I don't have any special relationship with you!"! I don't need what your master has in his hand. "The special relationship..?" All right, I have something to do, so I'll go first! Bye-bye While Su Hao was in a daze, Xu Jiaren ran out of the kindergarten with her legs tumbling at a high speed. It's too hard to talk to children. Out of the kindergarten, Xu Jiaren wiped the sweat on her forehead and went to the tailor's shop. After school in the evening,304 stainless steel wire, the first thing Su Hao did when he saw Grandpa was to look at his hands. After looking over and over for a long time, Su Hao's little face became more and more tense. Hou Yuhai felt strange and asked, "Hao Hao, what's wrong with you?"? What's wrong with Grandpa's hand? Chapter 175 is just like that. Su Hao said what Xu Jiaren said to him in kindergarten. Grandpa, what do you have in your hand? Why didn't I see anything? "Oh, silly boy.". The things in Grandpa's hands can't be seen at ordinary times, but they can only be seen when they are used. "Huh?"? Grandpa, can you use it quickly and let me have a look? "Hao Hao, this thing can not be used indiscriminately.". If you misuse grandpa, you will have an accident. You'll understand when you grow up. "Grow up and understand?"? But Why does Xu Jiaren understand now? This sentence is also what Hou Yuhai wants to say, how can that little girl understand these? "Grandpa, I want to eat two bowls of rice tonight!" Su Hao suddenly said. Uh? Why? "I want to grow up quickly so that I can understand what Xu Jiaren understands!" “…… All right, then Hao Hao, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, come on and grow up! Hou Yuhai looked at his grandson with a loving smile and could not help sighing in his heart: I usually think my grandson is intelligent and outstanding, but if compared with that little girl, Su Hao looks too silly. When I was just five years old, I had such an understanding. It would be great if I grew up. Xu Jiaren told Yan Xin that Aishan would pick her up after kindergarten school, so that she could paint in the tailor's shop for a while. Yan Xin also did not ask much, agreed directly. As for the Aishan side, it is natural to hope that Xu Jiaren will spend as much time as possible in the shop. After all, he can't decide many things. For example, now, Jiang Shuzhi's sister brings guests to bargain, and he has a little headache. Boss Ai, please make an accommodation.
” Jiang Meili smiled and said, "My brother is also a member of the shop. Why do I need a membership fee to make a suit for my family?" "Sister!"! Didn't I tell you that we have a membership system in our shop? How did you.. "Go, go, go. I'm talking to Boss Ai. Don't get involved." Aishan looked down at Xu Jiaren, who was drawing. Seeing that she had no reaction, he said, "I'm sorry.". We have a rule in our store that all guests have to be members, and.. "And what?" "The membership fee in our store has gone up this year, and everyone's membership fee is 20 yuan." “20…… What are you.. When Jiang Meili heard this, her face turned red and white. What does that mean? She spits here for a long time, not to mention less money, but more than 10 yuan of membership fees? Gao Qiuming, who came with Jiang Meili, said, "Boss Ai, I have a lot of friends.". If you are willing to be cheaper, I can help you publicize it. Besides, Jiang Shuzhi also works in the shop, how to say should also give their own family some preferential treatment? "Sorry, we really don't bargain in our shop." Aishan still did not give in. The real boss is sitting next to him, and he doesn't dare to break the rules. Gao Qiuming's eyes flashed a touch of anger, but his face smiled and said, "How can you be so rigid in doing business?"? Boss Ai, you can't do business like this for a long time. "Mr. Gao, that's how our family does business. It's my business whether it lasts or not." Aishan was a little angry, and his reply was very strong. What does it mean that business can't last long? This man can talk nonsense because he is handsome? Boss Ai, a dress here costs 50 yuan, and if you add 20 yuan of membership fee, it will cost 70 yuan. Do you know how much the average salary is in Qingbei City? Don't you think the price of your clothes is too unreasonable? "I.." Of course,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Aishan knows that the per capita income of Qingbei City is now more than 20 yuan. According to this standard, their clothes are really expensive. But so what? Before the Spring Festival, the business of their shop was very good. The membership is about to break 100. - ".".
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