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Legend of the Mage I (6th Feb 23 at 3:22am UTC)
Lin Jia carefully picked up the newspaper bag under his buttocks and threw it under the seat. Lin Jia was surprised and said, "Damn it!"! Why did you bring the knife? You didn't just bleed, did you? This is a big game! Lin Jia now began to fear, just when the fight did not feel, now calm down began to fear, if the death of the lively today's things will be a big hair! The fourth brother was also a little scared: "No..". No one's dead ?” The driver started the car again and said, "I don't know for the time being."! The prince's people thought it was a big deal when they got the call. Brought the guy, the result came to see is a group of small hoodlum fight, everyone is shot with a knife, did not see the newspaper is not broken! But I don't know if you killed him before! I just saw a kid with a broken skull on the side of the road in the car. Who did it? Tut.. "The fourth brother's face was white, and the boy seemed to be patted by him with a brick." The prince went to negotiate with the old hat of 110. They are in charge of you in the community. As long as there is no big deal, there should be no problem! I'll take you to the prince's house now and wait. It's estimated that there will be news soon! The young people in the car are silent down, the heart can not say the tension, especially Lin Jia these usually not on the road brothers mixed together,cantilever racking system, who do not want to leave a criminal record on the body, in that case, this life may be ruined! "What just happened?"? It's a mess! So many people ran out? The fourth brother was also frightened, and his little face was a little pale, and he did not know whether the injury on his body had broken out or something else. The black bear, the monkey,shuttle rack system, and Laowu all shook their heads blankly, unable to figure out what had happened, only knowing that it was Lin Jia and someone fighting. We'll find out later! The prince and your eldest daughter will be back soon! The driver smoked leisurely and did not look back, as if these things seemed very common to him. Don't mention how regretful Lin Jia was now. She was so nervous that she broke out in a cold sweat. She felt a sharp pain all over her body. Lin Jia murmured blankly, "It's too much to play this time.." The area of the town is not big, and in a few minutes they arrived at the home of the young man "Prince 5", a four-storey private building located in Qiaomiaoling Village. When they got out of the car and went in, they found that the eldest brother Xu Fang and Prince 5 were already waiting for them at home. Everyone asked each other before they realized what had just happened: After Lin Jia and the fourth brother rushed out, the eldest brother gave Lin Jia and his classmates a series of small hoodlums in the community because of panic. Black Bear, the fifth brother of the seven sworn brothers of Lin Jia, push back racking system ,shuttle rack system, Chen Biao, Xu Hongbin and the fourth brother had a conflict and were being surrounded and beaten by a large group of people! [Trouble: As for Black Bear, Thirteen Princes, Chen Biao and their influence in Beijing, please refer to the two chapters 046 and 047 of this book for the forgotten brothers. I will not go into details here. These characters that have nothing to do with the game have real prototypes in the display, and what happened is also true. It can be revealed that there is a very serious event related to them in the latter part of the game. Please be patient to read on.] On the phone, the eldest brother could not say clearly, which made everyone think it was a big thing. But because of the urgency of the matter, Sanfang only hurriedly pulled the hands that could be found around him and rushed over to help. Prince Wuge also gathered more than 30 brothers under him on the road and rushed over with the guy.
Then the black bear and the fifth brother of the prince arrived almost at the same time, and they did not expect to see dozens of people fighting, because they heard the eldest Xu Fangfang told them that a group of people were beating up the fourth brother and Lin Jia, but at that time it seemed that a group of people were helping Lin Jia, and then there were several groups of people fighting each other, a complete mess. All of a sudden, they couldn't figure out the enemy and friend, so they didn't do it on the spot. Fortunately, they did not start, five elder brother's more than 30 young people are almost professional knife hand on the road, if they really start, today's things can really not be good. Wait for the black bear to rush in and rescue Lin Jia and others. Only then did I know that the monkeys they had known after drinking with Lin Jia were also present. When they recognized Lin Jia, they started to help. As a result, it triggered a scuffle among other small hoodlums. It became a scene of you helping me and I helping you. In fact, in the end, those small hoodlums did not know why they wanted to fight, nor did they know who they were helping. Anyway, they fought when they saw people. After the prince five elder brother brought people to come, see just some small hoodlum, let his brother go up to knock over those unfashionable guys, immediately will bring the control knife into the Lin Jia they sit in the taxi, each drove away. Prince five elder brothers stay and. The old hats of 110 explained. As a native power. . Deeply rooted . They know a lot of people on the white road. . The police who are responsible for managing this area of the community are even more familiar with it. . Besides, those movie cops are brothers in their families. . As for how the film police deal with those small hoodlums who groan in the soil. . You don't need to think about it. . Let's not talk about the dark side of society. . Lin Jia and their brother Chen Tuan, the fifth brother, were not far from the community at that time. When he calls all his brothers to come over. It's over. I just missed it. . The rest is to follow Lin Jia they came to the prince five elder brother home. . That's the way it is. Listen to the prince five elder brother said nothing big. . Everyone was relieved. . Relax and collapse on the huge soft sofa group in the fifth brother's living room. . The fifth brother's house is very luxurious. . The decor is resplendent . From the outside,asrs warehouse, it looks like a dilapidated old private building demolished. . When you come in, it's so luxurious that you can be shocked. . However Why does the 24.5 year old fifth brother own such a luxurious house. It's not for them to know. . It doesn't matter if they collapse. Lin Jia and the fourth brother groaned in pain. Just now their bodies were numb and they didn't know the pain at all. Now they recovered their strength and regained consciousness, but their whole bodies were in pain. Prince five elder brother.
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